Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oakland Zoo

Yesterday was a great day at the zoo.
A couple weeks back Jason's mom had asked me if I would want to take the girls to the zoo, I love going to the zoo and I knew that Kaylee would love it too since she knows all her animals.  So of course I said yes.

Jump to yesterday morning at 9am when his mom arrived.  I finished getting the girls ready and everything we would need for the day packed into my backpack and was ready to go.  We loaded the girls up and then for 15 minutes tried to get our double stroller into her trunk!  When the stoller wouldn't fit and tried the wagon that we had, well that wouldn't fit either.  So we decided that we would just rent a stroller there.

We finally left at 10:15 got stuck in traffic in two different spots on the freeway before finally making it to the zoo.  Normally it takes about 45 minutes to get there well it took a little bit longer with all the traffic.  Luckily Keira took a nap on the way there, so she wasn't a crab during our time at the zoo.

We got out of the car and walked to the entrance to wait in line to get in.  There was a lot of people there bay area schools hadn't started yet, so that's why there were a lot of people there, but not to many people where it made it to difficult to walk around and see the animals.

We got our hands stamped and entered the zoo and went straight to the gift shop to rent our double stroller.  While Grandma went back to the car to get the mini ice chest with lunch the girls and I went to check out the flamingos.  Kaylee said "ooo mama look at those funny birds"  LOL

We then headed to the see the giraffes.  As soon as we walked around the bend and Kaylee saw them she got so excited and was yelling "mama look giraffe's, see em".  It was so cute to see her get to excited!

We made our way around the park and looked at more animals.
Kaylee thought the worthog was a PIG.  hehe

The bats were HUGE, I've never seen a bat this big!!

After checking out the crocidile we headed to the grass area where we could take a break and eat some lunch.  For lunch grandma brought chicken, cheese, watermelon, animal crackers & bananas.  Keira ate her first animal cracker, well 4 animal crackers to be exact!  She loved them.  After eating lunch Kaylee made some friends with some little girls that were sitting next to us.  They were all so cute together.  They would race up and down the hill.  Not to mention I think I found Kaylee's long lost sister.  Kaylee and Julia (kaylee's twin) they look so much a like, they could pass for sisters. The girls were all 2 too.

TWINS, right!?!

After playing with the kids for a good 20 minutes it was time to say our good byes which Kaylee didn't like at all.  She got really upset and was saying "no not done playing with my friends".  After she cooled down a little bit, we cleaned up our mess and then packed the stroller back up to finish looking at the rest of the animals.  We went and saw the monkeys and then realized that we got to see the elephants and lions that were in the very beginning by the giraffes.  So we made our way to see the monkeys before going to see the elephants and lions (the lions weren't there)

We had the safari area to see left before we were done seeing all the animals.  By this time mommy is sweating cause its so hot outside and pushing this double stroller up these hills and down the hills, I was exhausted.  Plus it was past nap time and the girls were getting tired.  So we saw the last few animals before heading to the gift shop to return the stroller.  While at the gift shop grandma let the girls pick out a cute little stuffed animal.  Kaylee picked a zebra for herself and a highena for Keira.  LOL.  They are so cute and super soft.

We had a great time at the zoo.  This was Kaylee's 2nd time to the zoo and Keira's 1st.  We'll have to go back again when Keira is a little bit older.  The girls slept on the way home and mommy tried to put them back down when we got home.  Keira fell back asleep but Kaylee didn't.  Kaylee went to bed at 8:30 and got up this morning at 9:15 (she's NEVER slept in that long).  I wish Keira would have slept in this morning but no she was up at 6:30!

* * * *

I cant believe that Keira will be 9 months old in 5 days.
Where has the time gone, my baby isn't a baby anymore!
She's done so many new things this last week.


  1. That little girl did look a lot like Kaylee!

    Great pics...looks like fun! We had planned to take Raya to the St. Louis zoo in a couple weeks but now with all the moving stuff we haven't decided if we're going to postpone our vacation or not.


  2. Looks like you guys had such a wonderful time!! You have 2 beautiful daughters!!

    Such a cute blog, follow each other? <3
    Lots of Love,

  3. WOW! They really did look like sisters!
    Your girls are so sweet. I just love Keira's smile!
    I love taking our 2 yr old to the zoo too, no matter how many times we go she still gets super excited!

  4. i CANNOT believe how much that girl looked like Kaylee!!! that's crazy!

  5. Looks like a pretty awesome time!!