Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Last night I was able to capture the SWEETNESS between my girls
Keira was crawling into the other room and Kaylee ran over got into the crawl position and they were playing, I mean actually playing.  Kaylee would tell Keira "come on, come get me"

So as soon as I heard that and looked over to see how cute they were being together, that I needed to get the camera so I could capture this great memory.  Seeing them play together just made my heart melt!

Since Keira wasn't crawling fast enough, Kaylee decided to pull her by her arm instead!

After they were done crawling together, Kaylee wanted to play with the ball with Keira...if you watch you'll see the balls go from little to big.  They would roll the ball back and forth to eachother, it was the cutest thing to watch.  Plus Kaylee didn't mind, usually when she is doing something sweet like that with Keira and I get the camera out to capture it, she runs off and wont do it anymore!  But tonight she actually stuck around and I was able to get pictures of them.

Kaylee insisted that Keira & her play with every size bounce ball that she had, she left one out.

Happy Weekend
Not sure what our plans are for this weekend yet, but
Next Thursday - Sunday we will be camping and celebrating Daddy's birthday!


  1. awwww---love it!!!


  2. The second to last picture is the best...that smile is just contagious!! What a sweet moment to capture :)